Saturday, July 18, 2009

Washing Machine Repaired

Yes, I finally repaired the washing machine. I thought of an easy thing to do. I cut the wire with the faulty connection before and after the multi wire connector. I connected the cut wires together bypassing the connector:

The faulty connector is the white and green block in the background, attached to the main motor. In the foreground is my bypass connection.

It was so easy, I should have thought of this the first time...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brazil Brazil

This afternoon, my wife got her hands on a couple of complimentary tickets for a Brazilian dance show, Bale De Rua. The show was at Place des Arts downtown Montreal. It is part of the Just for Laughs Festival (

The show was great, full of energy. It even woke up my very hidden rhythm gene, LOL. I don't know why, but the audience seemed not to respond very well. The dancers tried to make people clap hands and sing with them, but the response was very shy. They danced on all kinds of Brazilian music. At the end, the audience gave them the ovation they deserved.

They really brought some sunshine in our miserable summer. Here is a video I found on YouTube:

It would have been a perfect evening if it was not for a flat tire on our car. The front-right tire was completely flat when we arrived in the interior parking. It could have been worse. We could have been outside in the rain... So I put the spare tire, you know, the one you wish was the same size as the others when you need it. Then we headed home slowly. In all we had a great evening.

Good Night!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Washing Machine Repair

I repaired the washing machine again today. I had repaired it last month, but I had not found the real problem. As I poked at the internal components, it started to work again.

So this time, I wanted to find the problem. I thought is was the control timer. So I got a another one ($25 used part). But the washer was still not emptying... :(

The guy who sold me the timer told me that timers were rarely faulty on that model. He told me to investigate the lid switch. This is the switch that stops the machine when the lid is open. I checked it, but it looked ok. So I decided to take a look at the wiring diagram that I found inside the machine. I found out that the lid switch was connected to two places: the control timer and the main motor. I knew the timer was working fine. So i decided to check on the electrical harness at the motor. I wiggled it a little and the machine started to work again. WOOT!! :)

Here is the culprit:

Since the repair shop was closed at that time, I decided to leave the faulty part in so I could close it up for the night.

Our washer/dryer set is 17 year old. My wife wants new ones. So we'll see later if I change the part or if we buy new Our fridge and stove are even older. We are definitly due for new appliances... But i love taking things apart. I won't be alowed to play inside new appliances...