Friday, September 25, 2009

Master Artisan!

Yay! Woot! I finally made it Master Artisan.

I don't know how, but earlier tonight I finished crafting the last bookcase. In about two hours I managed to find five Blood Moss and three Black Pearls. That must be a record, at least for me.

After that I wanted to craft something for me. I would have love to make the carousel, but it needed a lot of Black Pearls but I was sick of those So I decided to make the Wyrm-Crowned bed. It did not need anything rare and it was my second favorite item. So here it is:

I was a little disappointed to see that it was smaller than the regular beds, but it still looks great. Not sure I will craft more, but at least I can craft what ever I want now. We'll see, maybe some cool recipes will come out in the future.

Monday, September 21, 2009

An Exhausted Wizard

This wizard is exhausted from searching all the reagents needed for the crafting quests. Gilroy still needs 9 Blood Moss and 8 Black Pearls to complete the last crafting task; the 5 bookcases.

I tried to encourage him with a big ice cream sundae, but it does not seem enough.

Wizard City needs an Ice Cream Parlour... That would probably give Gilroy what he needs to finally finish this quest...

Come on buddy! You're almost done!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The difficulty of writing in a foreign language

I could have titled this article "The frustration of writing in a foreign language". It has been much more difficult than I expected. I realized that my vocabulary is much more limited to information technology than I thought. At work, I have no problem writing about an IT subject in both French or English.

My blogging is very different from what I am used to write. And writing is much more different from speaking than I thought. Aside from the more elaborate vocabulary for writing, I always found it difficult to express feelings and emotions, even while speaking in English. The extremes are easy to express. The good and the bad or the black or the white are easy. What is difficult is all the shades of gray between the extremes. As a result, I feel that I am writing like a five year old with an elaborate vocabulary...

This does not mean I will stop blogging. But for time, I think I will limit my subjects to the ones that I feel more comfortable writing about. In the mean time, I should also begin to read English books that are not technical manuals.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Old Trades and Traditions Festival

Today we went to the "Festival M├ętiers & Traditions de Longueuil" which translates to "Old Trades and Traditions Festival". It is held in a park in old Longueuil during the Labor Day weekend. There was a blacksmith, a candle and a soap maker and all kind old trades that were the high tech of my grand parents. The temperature was ideal so there was a lot of people. Most of the time it was difficult to watch the demonstrations. There was so many people with their dog, that sometimes I felt I was in a dog show lol.

There was an ice sculptor. He was keeping his ice in a mini barn covered with saw dust, just like they used to do before freezers. They would cut the ice from a lake during winter, put it in a barn and covered with saw dust. The ice would stay frozen all summer long and until it was cold enough to cut more ice the next winter.

My wife was more interested by the doll and candle makers. As for me, I liked the ice sculptor and the blacksmith. The few hours we spent there were very pleasant and interesting. I just wish the booths were identified. With so many people, it was difficult to see what were the demonstrations about.