Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Celestia

Made it to the Floating island.  Again, WOW, what a nice place!  Look, my vampire is taking a stroll in this wonderful tropical forest.  Though it's rather strange that a vampire would wander in a tropical forest in day light...

I also found this Treasure Card Recipe seller that has a very interesting recipe.  Elucidate will reduce the pip cost of the target spell card by 2.  Looks like we need to be GrandMaster Artisan to craft it though.  I think that will probably be the first thing I craft as a GrandMaster Artisan.

There are also new potions that will increase Critical spells probability or increase Block probability.  Vengeful Elixir will add 120 to Critical rating for one hour (No PVP) and the Elixir of Fortification will add 120 to Block rating for one hour also (No PVP).  I found them very useful in my fight against Wildcrag.  I have a feeling I will use a lot of those...

BTW, the roaming monsters on the island are quite difficult to handle.  Some are over 1300 health.  Good thing there was friendly wizards around otherwise I would have has a tough time.

See you ITS!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celestia is My New Favorite World

Hello everyone!  It's been a long time since my last post.  Nothing much was happening in my Wizard City neighborhood.  But now, Celestia is on the test realm...

My first impression is WOW, at the risk of repeating myself, KI have outdone it once more!  Celestia is now my favorite world.

I did not have time to play as much as I would have liked.  I just finished the Stellarium.  It took me four attempts, but I managed to solo the instance (Thank you Death School).  Loved it, the difficulty level is perfect, winnable but not at every attempt.

Took me a while to understand the "Critical and Block" concept.  I am going to have to search for better gear again.  I will have to sacrifice the high health and boost on Death damage.

Love the new school; I will have experiment more with those on the test realm.

So far I found only a small bug, the death shield are invisible.  Can't wait for Celestia to come on live!!

See you ITS and especially in Celestia!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selena and Bejeweled

This week, I have been hypnotized by the Facebook game Bejeweled. It seems I can't stop playing this game.  I played well over 350 this week alone.  The games last only one minute.  After each game, it's like I automatically click on the new game button. :-(

I hope this crazy thing will stop...

I still got to go on the test realm and saved Selena a couple of times from the Crab King.  After my fire wizard Jasmine freed her, Selena held a concert in her backyard theater at her Wizard City home.  And Scooter the mander tried to show us his best moves...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Starlight Pony and Hydra Pet

After a little break from the spiral, I am back in the game.

First of all, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to KI.  You have created a great game and I am sure you will celebrate many many more birthdays.

Last weekend at the bookstore, I stumbled on the Sept/Oct issue of Beckett Fun Online Game Magazine (or FOG).  So I brought it home and entered the code for the Starlight Pony and gave it to my fire wizard, Jasmine.  I was a little disappointed that it was only a 7-day rental, but nevertheless I took nice pictures.  The pony has the same color eyes has Jasmine's hair.

My balance wizard, Blaze Darkflame has now reached level 48 and has completed his quest for Power Nova and the Hydra pet.  I took a picture of the balance spirit he summoned, but unfortunately,  the event attracted a small crowd.      

Blaze's next quest is to venture inside the Pyromancer's tomb so he can get enrolled in the Dragonspyre Fire School. Wish him luck!

See you ITS!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not much happening

Nothing much is happening.  I played mostly my Storm Wizard, Kyle Darkflame.  He's now level 22.  He just got his Kraken spell.  Did Savarstaad Pass in Grizzleheim and now he's starting the Grand Arena in the Krokosphynx.  Fizzle rate is quite annoying with Storm wizards.  But since he's level 22, fizzle seem to have come down to a more acceptable rate.

Gilroy has found a new place to farm for gold.  He does the first two level of the Warehouse.  Each fight give him about 130 golds.  It's quite fast too.  He brings a small deck with only Scarecrows and blades.  When everything goes well, it takes only two Crows to defeat the bad guys.  The second fight is usually longer, the ice monsters will cast tower shields and the life ones will cast more desth shields.  And then, I like to take a shot at Boss #1.  The best I have done is kill the first two minions and half way to the last one.  I am sure this is soloable.  If only I could use blades. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Wraith made it to Epic

My Wraith, Lord Midnight made it to Epic.  He's my second pet to get to this level after my Pioneer Dragon, Gizmo.

I am a little disappointed by his pedigree.  Pip Boost is cool and is standard with all level 48 pets.  But I am not sure that Efficient, Well Trained and Astute will be very useful.  Except for racing, what will more intellect, will and agility do in a fight??

I am going to take a small brake from pet training.  My next pet to be trained will probably be Lord Maximus, a Minotaur.  Luckily, it already has a spell casting talent.

See you all ITS!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Renewed my Subscription.

Just a quick post to let you know that I should be around for another year.  I just renewed my subscription.  I took up the offer of 1 year for $60.  This limited time offer is ending tomorrow night.

I wish you all another magical year ITS!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celestia Shark Pet Revealed

Today, in a letter to inform us on her new role at KI, Dalia Falmea disclosed the picture of a new Shark pet.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a mount because of the saddle.  I wonder if there will be a mount version?  Although it could be weird to run around Mooshu on the back of a shark...

Woohoo!!  Can't wait for Celestia!!  Thank you Prof. Falmea and good luck in your new post at KI!

See you all ITS!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Warehouse and Lego Universe

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things at the office were rather busy. I had to do some overtime so I needed some time to myself.  Now thing are back to normal.  I need some vacation though...

The Warehouse

Gilroy has conquered the Warehouse!  Thanks to Tavia Starcacher who happened to offer her help to complete our trio (Savannah Griffincloud, Llewella Dragonsond and I).  Tavia had done it before, so she could coach us with the boss fights.  Thanks for the tips Tavia!

I took us a little over 2 hours.  But we managed to get the broken Spiral key.  It was fun, but 2 hours is a long time.

This week I was selected for the closed beta of Lego Universe.  I tried it this afternoon.  I can't talk too much about it, as I am probably under non disclosure agreement.  First thing, I won't leave Wizard101 soon to Lego Universe.  Second, the subscription is a little high for me.

See you all ITS!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Found my Blue Dragon

My Blue Dragon is back!!

Found him in Marleybone.  He had a small pouch hooked to his saddle with a note and 10K gold in it:


Good news!! Your named item(s) have been restored (please check your backpack (or your bank if the backpack was full))! As a thank you for your patience through this, we've applied an additional 10000 gold to your character as well.

Happy questing!

KingsIsle Support

Thank you KI, I knew I could count on you!

See you all ITS!!

Another Update in the Case of the Missing Dragon

Got another email from KI yesterday concerning my missig dragon:

Dear Wizards &/or Parents,

As you know on 7/9, during the restart of the game after a short maintenance window, some items were lost that had been in use or equipped just prior to the shutdown. We sincerely apologize and we promise that all individual claims will be reviewed and addressed.

So that we can quickly get your account back to rights, we request your assistance. Please provide the following information (we know some of you already have, but the succinct reiteration will allow us to quickly target your account):

1. Account Username: (No passwords please!)

2. Character Name: (if you have more than one character with the same name, please add in the school/level)

3. Specific Item(s) Lost: (If you are missing a pet, please provide the talents/level)

4. Specific Item(s) Lost:

5. etc.

A few additional notes:
a. This ticket will NOT automatically close
b. Please respond only to this email for this topic. Opening new tickets will require more time by the support staff to link your tickets together (and thus slowing down our ability to get your items recovered). If you have questions unrelated to this issue, please just open a new ticket/email.

We anticipate the full recovery for all impacted players will take a few days. Your continued patience & understanding is greatly appreciated.


KingsIsle Support

I replied with the requested info.  I am confident that KI will resolve The Case of the Missing Dragon!

I just hope they did not request the help of the old Sherlock Bones, he tends to give his tasks to young and unexperienced wizards...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Missing Dragon Update

I just received an email from KI:

Thanks for taking the time to submit this report. We're aware of the situation and are working to have it rectified in short order.

Thanks again!

KingsIsle Support

So if any of you are missing an item, KI knows about the problem.  I would still suggest you report it.  See Friendly's excellent post to see how to report a problem to KI.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Missing Blue Dragon

Have you seen this Dragon?

He's missing from Gilroy's inventory. 

I am pretty sure I had my permanent Blue Dragon ride when I first logged on this morning after the update. I had time to be on only a few minutes. When I entered the Storm School, I received a message that the servers were going to close in 5 minutes, so I logged of. When I came back tonight, My wizard was back in the Pet Pavillion like when I first logged on this morning. He should have been in the Storm School. I checked his bank and the shared bank, no trace of the Blue Dragon. My other wizards don't seem to have any missing items.

I tried exiting the game and logging back on, but it was not successful.
I contacted Wizard101's support. I hope they can find him.

See you ITS!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Someone tried to reset my password again

Today, I received an email from saying that I requested to reset my password.  This is the second time this has happened. Last time was time, it was on March 6th.  So I logged in my account with my real pasword to, like it says in the email, discard the temporary password.
You have requested a new password. To log into the website or Wizard101 the game, you must first follow the instructions below:
NOTE: The temporary password will only be valid for 12 hours. Temporary passwords do not work on the game login, only on
(If you did not request a new password, please ignore this message and login with your existing password. The temporary password will be discarded.)
And I also changed my password for an even tougher one to guess.  BTW, since some people seem to be interested in my passwords, here a hint for you: they all have at least 8 characters and include letters, both capital and lower, numbers and special characters.  Yeah, they take time to type, but I feel safer!!

And again, to those people, I hope to defeat you ITS and IRL.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gizmo is now Epic

Gizmo finally made it to Epic!  I have trained him without ever using crowns to speed up the process.  With a perfect game and the best snacks, he would get 11 experience points. The Sizzle Smack Cereal were a real hit.  Got the recipe from the vendor in Ravenscar.

And the best of all, he now has the ability to cast a fireblade!  I can't wait to see Gizmo in action during a fight!  Now, I just need to learn a few fire spells. LOL  I know, I should have stick to Fire as a second school...

Here's now his full pedigree:

This afternoon, I played my youngest wizard, Valkoor Darkflame (Ice), level 10.  I realized that I am not used to look after my mana.  I went to face the Harvest Lord and I wondered why I could not cast spells higher that level 1. Silly me, I was about to file a bug report when I realized I was out of mana ROFL.

See you ITS!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gizmo is half way to Epic

Gizmo is well on his way to Epic status.  Last night he passed the half way mark and this morning, he's at 588 experience points:

I hope I can reach the thousand point at the end of next weekend.  This seems possible since today is a national holiday in my province and I took Friday off so I can have a four day weekend (Woohoo!).

Yesterday, we got a little tremor at the office.  The earth shook for a few seconds.  It was funny, almost everybody got out in the corridor and were asking "Is this an earthquake?".  Not me though, I stayed at my desk and tried to "enjoy" it LOL.  We so rarely get earthquakes here. That little baby quake made a lot of commotion.  But I got to feel lucky that I can laugh at our earthquakes.  It's not so funny in some places. My heart goes to the people in Haiti still living in tents.

See you ITS!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seeing Double

LOL I got two Gizmos!!  Thought I would share this glitch with you.

Don't worry, Gizmo came back to normal as soon as I changed rooms.  Oh look!, we can see my rug brigde.

Gizmo is resuming training

After this week's updates, I have resumed Gizmo's training.  He is slowly on his way to epic status.  He is now at 240 experience points out of 1000.

This week, I am happy to add two bloggers as my in game friends.  Earlier this week I met Malorn Willowsmith (aka The Sorcerer of the Spiral) and this weekend, I met Kestrel Shadowthistle from the Shadowthistle School of Wizardry.

These days, my time in the spiral is spent baking pet snacks, training Gizmo then farming for other pets or just gold to buy reagents for the pet snacks.

See you ITS!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gilroy Darkflame is 2 year old

Two years ago, I was looking for a new online home after Disney's VMK closed its doors.  I had registered to beta test a new game, Wizard101.  Here's my registration acknowledgment, received on May 31st 2008:

Congratulations, you are on the waiting list for the Wizard101 Free Beta Test at
You will receive another email when you have been accepted from the waiting list.
You cannot login to the website or play the game until you receive this second email.
In the mean time, visit to see pictures, movies and downloads from Wizard101.

Thank you,

Merle Ambrose
Headmaster, Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

And two long weeks later, on June 12th 2008, I was admitted the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts:

Congratulations! You are one of the select few that have been accepted into the Wizard101 Free Beta Test at!

You may now activate your account in order to login and download the game. Once you login, you can click the "Play Now!" button to download the game and begin playing. When you login to the game, you will use the same login and password you used for the web site.

In order to activate your account and begin playing the game, please click here.

If you cannot click on the above link in your email client, you may copy and paste the following link into your browser:

In order to change your account settings, please click on the "My Account" link on the web site.

Thank you,

Merle Ambrose
Headmaster, Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

 When Gilroy was admitted, the admission test put him in the Death School.  Then he chose Fire as his second school.  Hence the name "Darkflame".  He chose Fire mostly because he loved the Fire spells.  But when the game was released, he decided to change his second school to Life.  Because he had experienced the higher world like Marleybone and Mooshu and found them quite difficult.  Now he wishes he had not done that.  The game was made much easier since then.  Who remembers Maleybone with no sidewalks?  I mean, there was almost no safe area on the sides...

I still love this game so I am in no way planning to leave yet.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some people who are part of this incredible experience:
  • Of course, everyone at KingsIsle for this awesome world!!
  • Admins and all members of Wizard101 Central for this incredible bank of knowledge.
  • The Friendly Necromancer for his wonderful blog.
  • Fallon Shadowblade for Diary of a Wizard ConnectX and event organizer extraordinaire.
  • Steve and Leesha for  Ravenwood Radio, the best radio show in the world.
  • My friends from the DISboards, all former VMK citizens.
  • And of course all the bloggers out there who all contribute to make Wizard City a wonderful and friendly place.
So see you ITS for a long time!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gizmo made it to Ancient

After some hesitations, I finally made Gizmo graduate to Ancient.  He got two more talents: Intrepid and Slick-N-Slide.  Intrepid is only a rare talent and it add +25 to the max running speed ( I guess) and +15 Max power.  Not sure what it means exactly though...  As for Slick-N-Slide, it's an Epic talent and it puts an oils slick on all four lanes in the derby.

I would have prefer to have the Epic Talents on the "Wizard side".  Not sure I will race a lot.  And those derby talents are more useful when I have the lead on the second lap.  So I got to make sure I have the lead soon.

Anyway, Gizmo is still my favorite pet!

See you ITS!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First Rug Bridge

Wow, what is happening to me? Another blog post!?!?   LOL

Thanks to Jessica Fairyheart's guide, I successfully made my first rug bridge.  Jessica made an excellent  video explaining in details how to do it.

OK, I agree, this is not much of a bridge... lol.  But hey, I made it myself!  When I have time to shop, I'll make it bigger.  And I got to find me some crates to make it go up.  BTW, where do I get crates?  I have only one.

Thanks Jessica!

See you ITS!


Within an inch from Ancient

Wow, another post... I am on a roll!!  LOL

This morning, I got up early to take advantage of a less crowded game.  I was able to solo a few times Keruvian Scargiver.  Unfortunatly he kept his pet for himself.  But I did manage to teach him a lesson of two.

I aslo continued Gizmo's training.  He's now three point away from Ancient.  But now, I am not sure when I will get him to Ancient.  I tried a few pet races with theses stats and he's unbelievably faster than most other adult pets.  I am afraid that when he graduates, he'll be a weak Ancient instead of a strong Adult.

Oh yeah, now that his Intellect is full, I started feeding him Cherry Pies and he loves it!!

See you ITS!!


The Game has become so crowded

I have never seen the game so crowded.  Looks like a lot of people like the new pets.  I hope KI will add more servers.  My friend Llewella Dragonsong and I had trouble to find  a spot to farm Scargiver in Plaza of Conquest tonight for the Death Minotaur.  There is also a lot more lag especially in crowded rooms.

I also continued to train Gizmo.  If all goes well, he should make it to Ancient tomorrow.

Only 81 point to go.  Above, you can the result of a perfect Maze game and a 7 Layer Taco!

See you ITS!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crab Pet Woohoo!!

As soon as I heard about the crab pet, I sent Gilroy farming the Crazed Spirit.  It took me about 10 tries to get it.

For now, Lord Simon gives only a Storm Minion spell.  I can't wait to see what he has in store for me.
In the mean time, Gizmo, my Pioneer Dragon is now at 209 point, on his way to Ancient status.  Those 7 Layer Tacos are working very well.

See you ITS!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Increasing Mana Gift

I was surprised to notice tonight that Gizmo's Mana Gift talent is increasing as he gains experience.  See here, he has a +47 Mana Gift before a mini game:

After the mini game, the Mana Gift has increased to +48:

Wow, that's so cool!!  I was a little disappointed with this new talent, but this is much cooler.

As you can see, Gizmo is already at 133 experience points two day after making it to adult.  Making 500 experience points seemed a lot at first.  Now, I think Gizmo will be Ancient by next weekend.  Not too bad  :-D

As for the Stonewall talent, not as cool as I thought.  I was expecting the wall to appear behind Gizmo in the race.  But it seem to appear at a random place on the course.  Maybe with more experience it will get better.

See you ITS!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gizmo is now an adult

Tonight, Gizmo, my Pioneer Dragon, made it to adulthood.  He got two new talents: 35 Mana gift and Stonewall.  Stonewall is an Epic talent that builds a four lane brickwall.  Can't wait to go try it out in the derby. 

The best snack for him that I found so far is the 7 Layer Taco.  He likes it and gives him 5 experience points.  It's a recipee I got from the DragonsSpyre Recipee vendor.  It's not expensive to make, the reagent are easy to find and gives great return.

Not sure what I am going to do next, continue training Gizmo or raise my Wraith to adult...

See you ITS!!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue Dragon!!

The new updates are now online and Woohoo!!  Gilroy finally got his permanent blue dragon!!

His pockets are 85K gold lighter, but he got what he wanted.

I did not get to try the test realm as much as I would have liked to.  But I was happy to see that some of my pets had a nice pedigree.

Gizmo, Gilroy's Pioneer Dragon has a pedigree of 59.  That seems to be quite a lot.  And it's higher than my Wraith.

Another surprise was my minotaur, Lord Maximus, he got the ability to cast Myth traps.  Although I don't have any Myth spells, I will definitly try some fight with him at my side, just to see him cast a spell.  :D

OK, got to go train Gizmo!  See you ITS!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Goofy Wizard is 1 year old

May 9th last year was my first post.  I can't believe that one year later I am still blogging.  Not often enough, I agree, but I am still here.

Happy Birthday Goofy Wizard!!

I have been busy at work lately and most of the time I had, I spent playing Wizard101 instead of blogging. Since my last post, Blaze Darkflame is now well into Dragonspyre and he is now level 45. A whole new set of nice gear is avalable to him, Woot!

I am kind of glad the new pet enhancements are not coming to the real servers since I don't have much time to play. 


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advanced Power Pets!!

Woohoo!!  Advanced Power Pets are coming soon to Wizard101!!!

Look at Wizard101's web site for more details and a short video:

  • Set your pets free to roam your Castles & Lands.
  • Get your pets some exercise in the Derby.
  • Buy or craft them treats to make them happy.
  • Let them have some fun in the Mini-Games.
  • Create new pets with the magic of Hatching.
  • Watch as your pets cast their own spells in battle. 
I don't usually post about KI's announcements, but this is too huge!  :-)

I just can't wait.  I hope there is enough room in my Mooshu Palace to let my pets  go as they please.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing Blaze Darkflame

After Jasmine completed the main storyline and made it to GrandMaster, it's now time to introduce my next wizard, Blaze Darkflame from the school of Balance.  I chose Death as his second school, for now he has leaned it up to Vampire.

I have been playing him on and off for a long time.  Last weekend, Blaze beat the War Oni and got to level 42.  So he was able to learn Hydra, WOOT!!

He already had one Hydra spell from his Master's Hat of the Hydra, a handme down from his big brother Gilroy.  These old crown items are quite awesome.  Gilroy was able to buy a few first generation crown items during the short time we could buy them with gold.  And they are helping a lot his younger brothers and sister.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GrandMaster Pyromancer Jasmine

Woot Ding!! Jasmine made it to GrandMaster!!

After doing the side quests of the three areas of the Athenum in Dragonspyre, Jasmine is now a GrandMaster Pyromancer.  She's now my third GM.  Here she is with her new black and gold GM outfit.  Her Malistaire robe is a gift from my main wizard Gilroy Darkflame.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jasmine's next goal: Grandmaster

Jasmine is very proud of her victory over Malistaire.  But she's still level 49.  She did skip the side quests in Dragonspyre but so did my second wizard Liam Hawkheart and he was GM when he faced Malistaire.  I find that odd...  Anyway, Jasmine is back in Dragonspyre to finish cleaning up the streets LOL.  She's done with the Tower Archives.  Plaza of Conquest is next and about 16000 xp to go!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jasmine finally gets Malistaire

Jasmine, finally beat Malistaire late last night, making her my third wizard to defeat him.  Thanks to three fellow wizards who were also looking for help to teach the old professor a lesson: Flint Stone, Evan and Olivia Willowthorn.  We zoomed past the security and took him out!

Jasmine got a great reward.  She managed to snatch a Chirping Staff from the bad guy.  Not only is it cute, but it has an extra regular pip and does 90 Balance damage.  Not bad for a little

In the mean time, Gilroy is waiting impatiently the new upgrades.  The end of the summer seems like a very long wait to get our feet wet in Celestia.  I hope I will like the new pets.  But until now KI has done an awesome job, no reason it should change.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Password Security

This afternoon, I received an email from Wizard101 titled Wizard101 Forgot Password Notification.

You have requested a new password. To log into the website or Wizard101 the game, you must first follow the instructions below:

1. Write down or copy this temporary password: XXXXX
2. Go to the Wizard101 website in your Internet browser:
3. Enter your Username
4. Enter the temporary password (XXXXX) in the password field
5. Click Login
6. Create a NEW password you will remember
7. Click Submit
8. Now you can use your existing Username and NEW Password to log into the Wizard101 game and the website!!

NOTE: The temporary password will only be valid for 12 hours. Temporary passwords do not work on the game login, only on

(If you did not request a new password, please ignore this message and login with your existing password. The temporary password will be discarded.)

Thank you,

Merle Ambrose
Headmaster, Ravenwood School of Magical Arts
It But I never requested to reset my password.

It could have been an honest mistake from someone trying to reset his or her password. But it could also be an attempt to steal my account. I just thought I would tell you in case it happens to you too.

Just to be on the safe side, I changed my password on both my Wizard101 account and my email account.

Here is what a good password is: It has to be at least 8 characters. It must not be a word in any language. It should include letters, numbers and other characters like !"/$%?&*(). A good idea is to use two words that don't belong together and add numbers and other characters.

Better be safe than sorry!

See you in the spiral!! PLOX

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Female Mannequin

Last night I finally finished my female mannequin.  As I expected, the black pearl took a very long time to harvest.  Transmuting helped, but needing 15 black lotuses for a single pearl still took some time.

Since I sell almost every piece of gear I get, I had to go to the Bazaar to dress her:

And I now have a trio of mannequin in front of my Mooshu Palace

I will now take a break from crafting.  All this harvesting is getting boring.

See you in the Spiral!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Briskbreeze again!

Yep, for a second week in a row, we did Briskbreeze tower. I played as Gilroy again with my DISboards friends. There was Jessica Blue (Ice), Kimberly Frostweaver (Ice) and Fallon Dreamweaver (Life).

During the second floor fight, my computer froze. I had to reboot and load the game again. First time this happens to me. Unfortunately, the game brought me back outside of the tower. My friends were kind enough to start over. A good thing we were not further up. Thanks guys for coming back for me! :-)

This time was a little easier since we knew Orrik Nightglider's tricks. Having two Ice wizards on board meant that he was hammered with Colossus, Frostbite and Frost Giant:

And in the end, we were again victorious.  Probably a fizzle away from defeat, but still victorious!! 

Malistaire went down again

Last night we went to teach a lesson to our old nemesis Malistaire.  Kimberly Dreamweaver, Rachel and I sent him up to his room for a little time out...  Thank you ladies for the great time, and Bryan too, who had to leave after we pulverized the Gurtoks.

I had the last hit, a not too shy Vampire:

Kimberly also had her big hits; her Orthrus and Minotaur were very busy.  And thanks to Rachel's blades and her Judge Judi.

Thank you, I had great time.  I have another Briskbreeze run scheduled for tonight.  I'll tell you about it later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Second Mannequin

Yep, I made a second mannequin. It took me more time to craft this one than the first one. I harvested most of the reagents. Springs are sparse. Thank you for transmuting.

I now have two guards for my Mooshu Palace:

My next crafting project will be a female mannequin.  I already purchased the 10 Seraph needed at the Bazaar for a total of about 1500 golds.  I also bought the leather straps, I was missing about 24 of those.
The black pearls will be difficult.  I will have to look at transmuting again.  Ore and scrap metal will be much easier.

Again, I must say that mannequin should be able to wear wands and have a pet.  The other unfortunate thing about mannequins is that I need to keep all those nice clothes I get.  I can't sell them for cash anymore...