Saturday, January 30, 2010

Briskbreeze again!

Yep, for a second week in a row, we did Briskbreeze tower. I played as Gilroy again with my DISboards friends. There was Jessica Blue (Ice), Kimberly Frostweaver (Ice) and Fallon Dreamweaver (Life).

During the second floor fight, my computer froze. I had to reboot and load the game again. First time this happens to me. Unfortunately, the game brought me back outside of the tower. My friends were kind enough to start over. A good thing we were not further up. Thanks guys for coming back for me! :-)

This time was a little easier since we knew Orrik Nightglider's tricks. Having two Ice wizards on board meant that he was hammered with Colossus, Frostbite and Frost Giant:

And in the end, we were again victorious.  Probably a fizzle away from defeat, but still victorious!! 

Malistaire went down again

Last night we went to teach a lesson to our old nemesis Malistaire.  Kimberly Dreamweaver, Rachel and I sent him up to his room for a little time out...  Thank you ladies for the great time, and Bryan too, who had to leave after we pulverized the Gurtoks.

I had the last hit, a not too shy Vampire:

Kimberly also had her big hits; her Orthrus and Minotaur were very busy.  And thanks to Rachel's blades and her Judge Judi.

Thank you, I had great time.  I have another Briskbreeze run scheduled for tonight.  I'll tell you about it later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Second Mannequin

Yep, I made a second mannequin. It took me more time to craft this one than the first one. I harvested most of the reagents. Springs are sparse. Thank you for transmuting.

I now have two guards for my Mooshu Palace:

My next crafting project will be a female mannequin.  I already purchased the 10 Seraph needed at the Bazaar for a total of about 1500 golds.  I also bought the leather straps, I was missing about 24 of those.
The black pearls will be difficult.  I will have to look at transmuting again.  Ore and scrap metal will be much easier.

Again, I must say that mannequin should be able to wear wands and have a pet.  The other unfortunate thing about mannequins is that I need to keep all those nice clothes I get.  I can't sell them for cash anymore...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conquered Briskbreeze Tower

Thanks to my DISboard friends Fiona Green (Balance), Kimberly Dreamweaver (Myth) and Llewella Dragonsong (Life) we were able to rescue Lieutenant Culpepper from Briskbreeze tower.

It took us only 1.5 hour. Much less than we thought. But it was intense, a little more than I anticipated lol.

The first boss, Angrus Hollowsoul, was difficult. Before we finished him off, he managed to spawn two minions that we killed before they reach four pips and cast the 10,000 hit point meteor.

But that was nothing compared to the final Boss, Orrik Nightglider. At some point I thought we would not all survive. Especially Kimberly and Fiona that got hit by his 560 hit point per round Heck Hound. But thanks to Llewella and her healing abilities, we all got through safe and sound. Kimberly's Humongofrog and my Scarecrow were very effective, especially with with Fiona's well timed blades.

Here is a guide on Wizard Central that I should have read before hand: Briskbreeze Tower Guide. Next time, my deck will be loaded more appropriately.

And for my other friends who could not make it, I will be glad do it again.

Here are some pictures I got from our adventure (click on pictures to see full size):

At first it was easy.

Then we met Orrick Nightglider, the cheater

And we vanquished!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vasek Ashweaver met my Wraith

I decided to go take a look at Vasek Ashweaver as suggested by The Friendly Necromancer. According to Friendly, this guy is the one to farm for necromancers. As usual, every one's favorite necromancer is right. As the next picture shows, my Wraith hammered the poor Vashek with a 10,568 damage hit.

Here is my recipe:

  1. Feint (70%)
  2. Life trap (25%)
  3. Death Prism
  4. Death trap from gear (35%)
  5. Death trap (30%)
  6. Curse (20%)
  7. Dragonblade (30%) (Pioneer Dragon)
  8. Spirit blade (35%)
  9. Death blade (40%)
  10. Wraith from gear (575 damage) (Malistair's robe)

And adding to all this, 30% more damage from my gear and the boost for attacking with a Life spell. I was lucky, he fizzled his debuff on me, so I had a clean shot. I don't have the Spirit trap, I could have added 30% more to this.

Woot for my personal record!!

I could easily defeat Vasek in around 5 minutes. And at the end, being a necromancer, I would be at full health. No need to look around for wisps, I just got back inside right away to face him again. Just this evening, I was able to get almost 10,000 golds.

Thank you Friendly, I this is really the place to farm for gold!!

Here's Friendly's blog:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Mannequin

Woot!! I finally managed to craft a mannequin. Gilroy's Mooshu Mansion now has a guard at the door.

I was surprised of how low the selling value was in the bazaar. Just the recipe costs 5000 golds and I could have sold it only for 1200 golds. I am planning to make more mannequin, but they will take more than two days. I know have depleted my supply of all the reagents needed...

Kudos to KI for the success to the charity event. I am quite pleased that KI was serious about the charity. They could have just have given a percentage from the sale of a lame item. Not KI, they gave the proceeds of one of the coolest item in the game, the Meowmodon. Congratulations KI!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gilroy's new look

Hello wizards,

Just a short post to show you Gilroy's new look. After a stop by the Seamstress and the dye shop, Gilroy transformed his Malistaire robe.

He's also started a new crafting project. He bought the recipe for a male mannequin. He's almost done. Only 7 diamonds and 1 spring to go.