Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advanced Power Pets!!

Woohoo!!  Advanced Power Pets are coming soon to Wizard101!!!

Look at Wizard101's web site for more details and a short video:

  • Set your pets free to roam your Castles & Lands.
  • Get your pets some exercise in the Derby.
  • Buy or craft them treats to make them happy.
  • Let them have some fun in the Mini-Games.
  • Create new pets with the magic of Hatching.
  • Watch as your pets cast their own spells in battle. 
I don't usually post about KI's announcements, but this is too huge!  :-)

I just can't wait.  I hope there is enough room in my Mooshu Palace to let my pets  go as they please.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing Blaze Darkflame

After Jasmine completed the main storyline and made it to GrandMaster, it's now time to introduce my next wizard, Blaze Darkflame from the school of Balance.  I chose Death as his second school, for now he has leaned it up to Vampire.

I have been playing him on and off for a long time.  Last weekend, Blaze beat the War Oni and got to level 42.  So he was able to learn Hydra, WOOT!!

He already had one Hydra spell from his Master's Hat of the Hydra, a handme down from his big brother Gilroy.  These old crown items are quite awesome.  Gilroy was able to buy a few first generation crown items during the short time we could buy them with gold.  And they are helping a lot his younger brothers and sister.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GrandMaster Pyromancer Jasmine

Woot Ding!! Jasmine made it to GrandMaster!!

After doing the side quests of the three areas of the Athenum in Dragonspyre, Jasmine is now a GrandMaster Pyromancer.  She's now my third GM.  Here she is with her new black and gold GM outfit.  Her Malistaire robe is a gift from my main wizard Gilroy Darkflame.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jasmine's next goal: Grandmaster

Jasmine is very proud of her victory over Malistaire.  But she's still level 49.  She did skip the side quests in Dragonspyre but so did my second wizard Liam Hawkheart and he was GM when he faced Malistaire.  I find that odd...  Anyway, Jasmine is back in Dragonspyre to finish cleaning up the streets LOL.  She's done with the Tower Archives.  Plaza of Conquest is next and about 16000 xp to go!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jasmine finally gets Malistaire

Jasmine, finally beat Malistaire late last night, making her my third wizard to defeat him.  Thanks to three fellow wizards who were also looking for help to teach the old professor a lesson: Flint Stone, Evan and Olivia Willowthorn.  We zoomed past the security and took him out!

Jasmine got a great reward.  She managed to snatch a Chirping Staff from the bad guy.  Not only is it cute, but it has an extra regular pip and does 90 Balance damage.  Not bad for a little

In the mean time, Gilroy is waiting impatiently the new upgrades.  The end of the summer seems like a very long wait to get our feet wet in Celestia.  I hope I will like the new pets.  But until now KI has done an awesome job, no reason it should change.