Saturday, August 15, 2009

A New Name

Hi all!

I finally found a name for my blog: The Goofy Wizard. And a new name also comes a new look. Since in Wizard101 I am a Necromancer, I thought black was in order.

Speaking of Wizard101, I have been taking a break from the game this week. Searching for all those reagents was getting boring. So I am taking a small break before I get to hating the game. I will be back soon looking for black pearls again.

In the future, I will probably write more about Wizard101 but I will also continue to write about things in real life.

Like last night. I spent last night in a sleep clinic. I had what they call a polysomnography. I spent the night hooked up to a dozen electrodes that were monitoring my physiology during my sleep.

My doctor sent me to pass this test because I was complaining that don't get fully rested after a night of sleep, even if I feel I have slept well. And also because my snoring makes it difficult for my wife to sleep.

So, I arrived at 9pm last night at the clinic. The inhalotherapist showed me my room. I was surprised that it looked more like a hotel room with a real bed and not an a hospital room. I had a questionnaire to fill and the inhalotherapist briefed me on how the night will go. Then he installed the electrodes on my head, face and neck. The whole "hookup" procedure takes 45 minutes. Once in bed I had two more electrodes on the legs to monitor leg movement and a device in my nose that would detect if I was breathing through my nose or mouth. Then he made me test the electrodes. He made me move my eyes sideways and up and down. Breath by my nose, my mouth and even snoring. Move my feet one at a time.

Now came the time to go to sleep. Normally I should have fell asleep in minutes like I normally do. But I think I was a little nervous. It took me two hours to finally sleep. So I had four hours of sleeping time. In the morning, the inhalotherapist told me that he monitored some episodes of sleep apnea. But the data would have to be analysed and that my doctor should receive the report in about ten days.

Sleep apnea happens when the air ways are blocked during sleep and thus causing micro wakeups that are preventing the subject to go into deep sleep. And without deep sleep, there is much less resting.

So I should know more when see my doctor with the report. I will keep you up to date on this subject after I meet with my doctor.

In the mean time, sleep well!!

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