Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Celestia

Made it to the Floating island.  Again, WOW, what a nice place!  Look, my vampire is taking a stroll in this wonderful tropical forest.  Though it's rather strange that a vampire would wander in a tropical forest in day light...

I also found this Treasure Card Recipe seller that has a very interesting recipe.  Elucidate will reduce the pip cost of the target spell card by 2.  Looks like we need to be GrandMaster Artisan to craft it though.  I think that will probably be the first thing I craft as a GrandMaster Artisan.

There are also new potions that will increase Critical spells probability or increase Block probability.  Vengeful Elixir will add 120 to Critical rating for one hour (No PVP) and the Elixir of Fortification will add 120 to Block rating for one hour also (No PVP).  I found them very useful in my fight against Wildcrag.  I have a feeling I will use a lot of those...

BTW, the roaming monsters on the island are quite difficult to handle.  Some are over 1300 health.  Good thing there was friendly wizards around otherwise I would have has a tough time.

See you ITS!!

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