Saturday, May 9, 2009

OMG - What should I talk about?

Hmm, what sould I talk about in my blog?

My first language is french, so I will do my best to write in english. I also know a little italian.

I am not used to writing. I never held a diary... I will try to talk a little about JGoof.

He was born in December 2006, somewhere during the Christmas holidays. He came to life in Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK).

Although VMK's doors closed in May 2008. For me, only the doors between VMK and the real world were closed. In my heart, JGoof and his friends continue to live in VMK, it's just that this world is not accessible anymore for us.

Before I left VMK for the last time, I made sure to put teleporters in between most of his rooms and his friends' rooms too. That way they will be able to visit each other easily... His closest friends are RoseBonbon, PincesseMafalda, MickeyIsMyPal, Rajah, StitchFanPrincess and PrincesseMinnie.

After VMK was closed, i started looking for a new online game. Seems I was hooked to these games now... I tried Gaia. I named my gaian buddy Dagoof, since for me JGoof was staying in VMK.

Then in June 2008, I enlisted in a beta test for a new game: Ravenwood School of Magic Arts, I believe that's what it was called at the time. And now, this game is known as Wizard101. I have been hooked on that game since then. I haven't touch my Wii

I decided to take the name JGoof again, since I think i found a game worthy of his name.

I don't know where this blogging thing will bring me. Not sure which direction I will take, but anyhow, this is blog post #1 !!

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CYA later!!


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