Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Focus Group

Last night, I was invited to a focus group for a new ad campaign for a major Canadian cell phone company. As much as I despise publicity in general, I like to have the opportunity to give my opinion about it.

We were eight guests, 5 women and 3 men. We were presented a list of general ideas the company wanted to convey to the public. Then how these ideas would be conveyed to the customers. Each time we would tell the host how we felt about the different ideas. If, according to each of us, it was positive or negative.

The whole meeting was videotaped. There was a camera on top a one of the walls and microphones were hanging from the ceiling. The camera and microphones were very discreet and did not distract us at all. And on one of the walls, there was a large stained glass. We were informed that people were also watching us from behind the glass.

The two hour meeting ended on time and we were all "rewarded" with $80 cash.

Sorry I can't be more specific since we are under a non disclosure agreement. But I just wanted to share that I liked the experience

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