Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jasmine, my girl wizard

OK, time to present my third wizard. At the time, I wanted my wife to get interested in the game, so I made a girl wizard. And since she's a big Disney fan, I tried to find a name related to Disney. The only name I could find was Jasmine. I made her a Fire wizard because I really liked Fire School during beta, I had to have a Fire wizard.

She is my first wizard without the ability to heal herself. I had to learn how to fight almost all over again. Instead of long fights, I had to make the kill as quickly as possible. I had to use more blades and traps. Also the spells in the deck need to be more carefully chosen to make sure victory comes as quickly as possible.

She is now level 47. Her brother Gilroy already got her the Malistaire robe. She can't wait to be Grandmaster and wear it.

Next time, I will present you my next wizard: Blaze Darkflame. He's Balance-Death and at the moment, he is making the streets of Marleybone safer.


  1. Fire does actually have a small healing spell. It's called Link. It provides 120 healing over three rounds while doing 180 damage to the unfortunate recipient during the same three rounds. This is a nice little two-pip spell, I keep at least two copies in my deck at all times. Even if you cast it on fire, or on an enemy with a fire shield, you will still get the 120 life. Also, even if the recipient dies before the third round comes, the healing comes to you. :-)

  2. Oh yeah, you're right Christina. I forgot about that spell. I don't use it since it heals so little. It barely covers a 1 pip attack in Dragonspyre. I prefer keeping healing treasure cards.