Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to see other wizard's stats

I am interrupting my wizard presentation series with this little guide. Ever wanted to know what your friends or that wizard you just saw is wearing? A lot of people don't know that, so a thought I would show you how.

First, select a friend from your friends list or just click on a wizard around you, that you are curious about so that you bring his picture and menu on the upper right corner of your screen like this:

Now, click on the arrow on the lower left of the window. Look at the picture above, I have circled the arrow in red. You will then get the full specs of this wizard. See below:

The, you can click on the arrows on both sides of the title "Traits" to see which gear he or she is using. I have circled the arrows on the picture above:

And if you hover your mouse over the different items around the picture of the wizard, you will be able to compare your items with his or her's. In the picture, we can see that I have a pet Satyr and my friend has a Stormzilla. Looks like we both use our level 48 pet. Your gear is identified by the fist in the corner.
It's that easy...

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