Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing Blaze Darkflame

After Jasmine completed the main storyline and made it to GrandMaster, it's now time to introduce my next wizard, Blaze Darkflame from the school of Balance.  I chose Death as his second school, for now he has leaned it up to Vampire.

I have been playing him on and off for a long time.  Last weekend, Blaze beat the War Oni and got to level 42.  So he was able to learn Hydra, WOOT!!

He already had one Hydra spell from his Master's Hat of the Hydra, a handme down from his big brother Gilroy.  These old crown items are quite awesome.  Gilroy was able to buy a few first generation crown items during the short time we could buy them with gold.  And they are helping a lot his younger brothers and sister.

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