Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jasmine's next goal: Grandmaster

Jasmine is very proud of her victory over Malistaire.  But she's still level 49.  She did skip the side quests in Dragonspyre but so did my second wizard Liam Hawkheart and he was GM when he faced Malistaire.  I find that odd...  Anyway, Jasmine is back in Dragonspyre to finish cleaning up the streets LOL.  She's done with the Tower Archives.  Plaza of Conquest is next and about 16000 xp to go!!


  1. Win can we be friends in-game dude? I already followed you on twitter: malornws...

  2. It took me a while to be come a GM. But it took me friend who was life, forEVER! So, if it starts taking a really long time, check back in MB.

  3. @M.W.S I'd love to add you. These days my play times are highly irregular. Difficult for me to set a precise time.

    @Heather Raven, Thanks for the tip, I will have her visit MB.