Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Goofy Wizard is 1 year old

May 9th last year was my first post.  I can't believe that one year later I am still blogging.  Not often enough, I agree, but I am still here.

Happy Birthday Goofy Wizard!!

I have been busy at work lately and most of the time I had, I spent playing Wizard101 instead of blogging. Since my last post, Blaze Darkflame is now well into Dragonspyre and he is now level 45. A whole new set of nice gear is avalable to him, Woot!

I am kind of glad the new pet enhancements are not coming to the real servers since I don't have much time to play. 



  1. Wow, that was quick! LOL

    Thanks Malorn!

  2. Gratz on this difficult accomplishment. A winner is you!

  3. Yw, we still need to meet in-game send me a direct message on twitter lol... Or, just look at the chat bar on my blog: http://sorcererofthespiral.blogspot.com