Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Update in the Case of the Missing Dragon

Got another email from KI yesterday concerning my missig dragon:

Dear Wizards &/or Parents,

As you know on 7/9, during the restart of the game after a short maintenance window, some items were lost that had been in use or equipped just prior to the shutdown. We sincerely apologize and we promise that all individual claims will be reviewed and addressed.

So that we can quickly get your account back to rights, we request your assistance. Please provide the following information (we know some of you already have, but the succinct reiteration will allow us to quickly target your account):

1. Account Username: (No passwords please!)

2. Character Name: (if you have more than one character with the same name, please add in the school/level)

3. Specific Item(s) Lost: (If you are missing a pet, please provide the talents/level)

4. Specific Item(s) Lost:

5. etc.

A few additional notes:
a. This ticket will NOT automatically close
b. Please respond only to this email for this topic. Opening new tickets will require more time by the support staff to link your tickets together (and thus slowing down our ability to get your items recovered). If you have questions unrelated to this issue, please just open a new ticket/email.

We anticipate the full recovery for all impacted players will take a few days. Your continued patience & understanding is greatly appreciated.


KingsIsle Support

I replied with the requested info.  I am confident that KI will resolve The Case of the Missing Dragon!

I just hope they did not request the help of the old Sherlock Bones, he tends to give his tasks to young and unexperienced wizards...

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