Monday, July 12, 2010

Found my Blue Dragon

My Blue Dragon is back!!

Found him in Marleybone.  He had a small pouch hooked to his saddle with a note and 10K gold in it:


Good news!! Your named item(s) have been restored (please check your backpack (or your bank if the backpack was full))! As a thank you for your patience through this, we've applied an additional 10000 gold to your character as well.

Happy questing!

KingsIsle Support

Thank you KI, I knew I could count on you!

See you all ITS!!


  1. Cool, glad your reunited with youur mount!

  2. Piacevole! preferisco il monte di tigre, nonostante.

  3. Gracie A. per il mio primo commento in Italiano!

    La mia strega Jasmine a un monte di tigre:

  4. Nessun problema, è appena piacevole incontrare qualcuno che sa come parlare italiano di nuovo. Quando lei scriverà di nuovo?