Friday, September 25, 2009

Master Artisan!

Yay! Woot! I finally made it Master Artisan.

I don't know how, but earlier tonight I finished crafting the last bookcase. In about two hours I managed to find five Blood Moss and three Black Pearls. That must be a record, at least for me.

After that I wanted to craft something for me. I would have love to make the carousel, but it needed a lot of Black Pearls but I was sick of those So I decided to make the Wyrm-Crowned bed. It did not need anything rare and it was my second favorite item. So here it is:

I was a little disappointed to see that it was smaller than the regular beds, but it still looks great. Not sure I will craft more, but at least I can craft what ever I want now. We'll see, maybe some cool recipes will come out in the future.

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