Sunday, September 6, 2009

Old Trades and Traditions Festival

Today we went to the "Festival Métiers & Traditions de Longueuil" which translates to "Old Trades and Traditions Festival". It is held in a park in old Longueuil during the Labor Day weekend. There was a blacksmith, a candle and a soap maker and all kind old trades that were the high tech of my grand parents. The temperature was ideal so there was a lot of people. Most of the time it was difficult to watch the demonstrations. There was so many people with their dog, that sometimes I felt I was in a dog show lol.

There was an ice sculptor. He was keeping his ice in a mini barn covered with saw dust, just like they used to do before freezers. They would cut the ice from a lake during winter, put it in a barn and covered with saw dust. The ice would stay frozen all summer long and until it was cold enough to cut more ice the next winter.

My wife was more interested by the doll and candle makers. As for me, I liked the ice sculptor and the blacksmith. The few hours we spent there were very pleasant and interesting. I just wish the booths were identified. With so many people, it was difficult to see what were the demonstrations about.

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