Monday, September 7, 2009

The difficulty of writing in a foreign language

I could have titled this article "The frustration of writing in a foreign language". It has been much more difficult than I expected. I realized that my vocabulary is much more limited to information technology than I thought. At work, I have no problem writing about an IT subject in both French or English.

My blogging is very different from what I am used to write. And writing is much more different from speaking than I thought. Aside from the more elaborate vocabulary for writing, I always found it difficult to express feelings and emotions, even while speaking in English. The extremes are easy to express. The good and the bad or the black or the white are easy. What is difficult is all the shades of gray between the extremes. As a result, I feel that I am writing like a five year old with an elaborate vocabulary...

This does not mean I will stop blogging. But for time, I think I will limit my subjects to the ones that I feel more comfortable writing about. In the mean time, I should also begin to read English books that are not technical manuals.

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