Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crown Shop Bug

I don't know if you have heard about it. Some people don't see the description and price of the items in the Crowns shop. Here's how my Crowns shop looks like:

I reported the bug to KI. But recently I discovered a workaround. On my computer, I always use a user without administrative permission. But the other day, I tried to play Wizard101 on my administrative account. And I had the surprise to see that my Crowns shop was not bugged. After promoting my usual user to administrative permission, it was working too. Removing the permission, the bug returned. I updated my support ticket with KI with that information. Mr Lincoln replied to my saying that information was very interesting.

A few days later, on Wizard101's forum, Mr Lincoln said:

**UPDATE** Seems we may have tracked down the problem and we are testing it
internally to make sure that it fixes the issue with the missing text on the
Crowns shop, without breaking something else. Please be assured that we will
keep you updated on the progress. Thank you to everyone who helped us
troubleshoot, as it initially seemed like a very hit-and-miss problem.
So be patient, a solution is coming.

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