Sunday, November 1, 2009

Easier Marleybone streets

My fourth wizard, Blaze Darkflame, made it to Marleybone today. He's Balance-Death. Of my four wizards, he's the one who had the less difficulty with Krokopatra. At this time she's still wondering what happened... He really kicked her ...beep... Well, he did have a secret weapon. Blaze is wearing one of the first generation Crown hat with Judgement. That spell can really it hard.

OK, to the point of this post. Has he made his way in Hyde Park, I noticed that our friends at KI made it easier for the new players in Marleybone. The Monsters on Hyde Park are walking much more in the middle of the street, leaving a space on both side wide enough to pass, just like a side walk. I don't know if they also changed the other streets, but if people are still complaining now about the missing sidewalks in Marleybone, they should have seen it before...

I remember my first time in Hyde Park, back in beta. I go caught the moment I set foot on the street. That was mad. Since then I had noticed that they made it easier, but what I saw today, is really child's play.

I still don't like Marleybone, too dark of a place. I will report back with what I think has changed.

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