Saturday, November 14, 2009

Liam Hawkheart, Life Wizard

Liam is my second wizard, he is Life-Balance. Life is the school I would have chosen first. But in beta, it was not possible to skip the admission test that selects your main school so I decided to stick with my test result: Death school.

With Liam, I could have soloed every thing up to Malistaire. When he calls in his minion fairy, he's almost invincible. Outside of PvP of course. With life school, fights are long but almost always easy.

He has finished Dragonspyre and is now starting Grizzleheim. I did not do any farming, so he's not as well equipped as Gilroy, but he is using old crown clothes from his big brother.

Both Life and death wizards fight are slow paced. Their attacks are not very strong, but with their high healing capacities, they can take quite a lot of damage.

Liam is my first wizard to get a mount. The black stallion was purchased for 70,000 gold. I have not purchased crowns yet. My wizard get rich rather quickly. I rarely buy things and they sell almost all the gear they get from drops that they don't use. My next wizard is Jasmine. She just purchased a Bengal tiger for 90,000 gold. I will tell you more about her in my next post.

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  1. Awesome Life Wizard! Espérons que nous pourrons rencontrer dans le jeu et passer du temps, je ne sais pas. Il est seulement au niveau de sept et a besoin d'une tonne d'aide avec Triton Avenue.

    JGoof, l'espérance et vous obtenez cette décider de lire mon blog!

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