Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celestia Shark Pet Revealed

Today, in a letter to inform us on her new role at KI, Dalia Falmea disclosed the picture of a new Shark pet.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a mount because of the saddle.  I wonder if there will be a mount version?  Although it could be weird to run around Mooshu on the back of a shark...

Woohoo!!  Can't wait for Celestia!!  Thank you Prof. Falmea and good luck in your new post at KI!

See you all ITS!


  1. It's probably a mount because the one of them says pet version. The one with the saddle is most likely the mount version.

  2. And the one on the bottom... a shark boss? it kinda looks like bruce from Finding Nemo, you know, "vegetarian" great white shark?

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  5. Sorceress, you're probably right. And The Friendly Necromancer's blog post on the subject agrees with your opinion. Top one is a mount, lower left is a pet and the last one a character we'll need to fight.


    Ciao A., Your right, he absolutly looks like that Finding Nemo shark.