Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not much happening

Nothing much is happening.  I played mostly my Storm Wizard, Kyle Darkflame.  He's now level 22.  He just got his Kraken spell.  Did Savarstaad Pass in Grizzleheim and now he's starting the Grand Arena in the Krokosphynx.  Fizzle rate is quite annoying with Storm wizards.  But since he's level 22, fizzle seem to have come down to a more acceptable rate.

Gilroy has found a new place to farm for gold.  He does the first two level of the Warehouse.  Each fight give him about 130 golds.  It's quite fast too.  He brings a small deck with only Scarecrows and blades.  When everything goes well, it takes only two Crows to defeat the bad guys.  The second fight is usually longer, the ice monsters will cast tower shields and the life ones will cast more desth shields.  And then, I like to take a shot at Boss #1.  The best I have done is kill the first two minions and half way to the last one.  I am sure this is soloable.  If only I could use blades. 


  1. Wow, you gotta visit that Warehouse Post on my blog for that. There's a way where you can hit 150k in-game. I'm glad your having a great time, no wonder I've seen you in the Warehouse in-game (teleports-I didn't port just saw).

  2. @M.W.S Wow, very interesting. Is the Wayfinder gear dropped only by the bosses?

  3. Stick with that diviner. You're almost through the worst part and it will start getting really good for the second half of the game. While the accuracy is very frustrating at the lower levels, your gear can fix the accuracy from around level 30 on. That, combined with the tempest spell at level 28, will make you love that storm wizard more than you ever thought possible.

    Blaze Deathcaster (Death level 50)
    Blaze Windrunner (Storm level 50)
    Blaze Shadowblade (Balance level 31)
    Blaze Ashhand (Fire level 21)

  4. @Blaze Thanks, I am already dreaming of Tempest... LOL