Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Wraith made it to Epic

My Wraith, Lord Midnight made it to Epic.  He's my second pet to get to this level after my Pioneer Dragon, Gizmo.

I am a little disappointed by his pedigree.  Pip Boost is cool and is standard with all level 48 pets.  But I am not sure that Efficient, Well Trained and Astute will be very useful.  Except for racing, what will more intellect, will and agility do in a fight??

I am going to take a small brake from pet training.  My next pet to be trained will probably be Lord Maximus, a Minotaur.  Luckily, it already has a spell casting talent.

See you all ITS!!!


  1. I wish your Wraith casted better stuff (Resist, Accuracy, Health Boost etc). Congrats anyway!

  2. Congratulations! At least the epic label will look cool under his name. Mine on the other hand has "teen" under his name. Yeah, King Spike, the teenage wraith...very scary...not!

    Similaryly, I'm training my krokomummy pet up to ancient both to get the spell card and because a mummy really should be ancient, not teen.

    Blaze Deathcaster (Death level 50)
    Blaze Windrunner (Storm level 50)
    Blaze Shadowblade (Balance level 20)

  3. Thanks Blaze, that's for sure, the Epic label looks very cool! :D

    Good luck training you pets!

  4. My Minotaur's like your Wraith, he got Myth Proof (+11%) and three stat-based talents. Higher stats normally mean whatever helpful talents they do get go up, but for the older lvl 48 pets Pip Boost is a flat 5% regardless of stats.

    One possibility is to train up another Death pet (maybe even a little Dark Sprite) with Talents you like better, then hatch it with your Wraith and hope the child gets the best of both.

  5. Good idea Sierra, I might try it. Just need to find a good Death pet.

    Thanks :)