Monday, November 9, 2009

Gilroy Darkflame, Death with an Ice ring

Gilroy is my main wizard. He is a Grandmaster Death with Life as a second. He's been my main wizard since I started playing Wizard101 in beta, in June 2008. During the beta period, he was Death-Fire, hence the name Darkflame. He has been through a few wipes, and after the final wipe before the launch of the game, he switched his second school from Fire to Life. Since he likes to solo a lot, I was afraid he would have too much trouble in the new worlds that would be coming. It's a choice I came to regret, since he had no problem soloing using almost only his main school spells. I thought about changing back to Fire when it became possible, but it was expensive and housing was coming. Now that I have enough gold again, the mounts are here...

I am proud of Gilroy, he as been everywhere in the spiral and done every quests possible.

The Ice ring

Gilroy has a secret. He's probably not the only one, but still there must be a few like him. He is a Death wizard and he wears an Ice ring. Yes, he is wearing the Rime-Edged ring with +277 max health and +170 max mana. I have been asked that question a few time in the game, how come a Death wizard wears an Ice ring?

When Dragonspyre came out, KI forgot to make the new DS rings school specific. So at the time, He went to the DS ring store and bought the most powerful ring available. A few days later KI made the correction, and Gilroy was still wearing the ring. So the ring was now school specific but he was still wearing it. The only problem is, if he ever removes it, he won't be able to put it back on his finger. Since then, I have never found a Death ring as powerful as this one. Until he does, he will continue to wear it.


Gizmo, the pioneer dragon, is Giroy's favorite pet. He also likes Lord Midnight, his wraith pet. But the Gizmo reminds him of the adventure of beta testing. Pioneer dragon were given to the beta tester just before the game the game was open to public.

Next post, I will present my second wizard, Liam HawkHeart.

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