Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conquered Briskbreeze Tower

Thanks to my DISboard friends Fiona Green (Balance), Kimberly Dreamweaver (Myth) and Llewella Dragonsong (Life) we were able to rescue Lieutenant Culpepper from Briskbreeze tower.

It took us only 1.5 hour. Much less than we thought. But it was intense, a little more than I anticipated lol.

The first boss, Angrus Hollowsoul, was difficult. Before we finished him off, he managed to spawn two minions that we killed before they reach four pips and cast the 10,000 hit point meteor.

But that was nothing compared to the final Boss, Orrik Nightglider. At some point I thought we would not all survive. Especially Kimberly and Fiona that got hit by his 560 hit point per round Heck Hound. But thanks to Llewella and her healing abilities, we all got through safe and sound. Kimberly's Humongofrog and my Scarecrow were very effective, especially with with Fiona's well timed blades.

Here is a guide on Wizard Central that I should have read before hand: Briskbreeze Tower Guide. Next time, my deck will be loaded more appropriately.

And for my other friends who could not make it, I will be glad do it again.

Here are some pictures I got from our adventure (click on pictures to see full size):

At first it was easy.

Then we met Orrick Nightglider, the cheater

And we vanquished!!


  1. Great post! I am laughing that you caught a screen shot of me saying that I was almost dead! LOL! I probably should have read that forum guide, too. :)

  2. Thanks for this. Totally just got my butt kicked with the meteors. Doesn't help that it was only two of us. Looks like you need the full four for this one - will be sure to read the forum guide before next attempt :)

    x Iridian Firemancer x