Monday, January 25, 2010

A Second Mannequin

Yep, I made a second mannequin. It took me more time to craft this one than the first one. I harvested most of the reagents. Springs are sparse. Thank you for transmuting.

I now have two guards for my Mooshu Palace:

My next crafting project will be a female mannequin.  I already purchased the 10 Seraph needed at the Bazaar for a total of about 1500 golds.  I also bought the leather straps, I was missing about 24 of those.
The black pearls will be difficult.  I will have to look at transmuting again.  Ore and scrap metal will be much easier.

Again, I must say that mannequin should be able to wear wands and have a pet.  The other unfortunate thing about mannequins is that I need to keep all those nice clothes I get.  I can't sell them for cash anymore...

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