Saturday, January 30, 2010

Briskbreeze again!

Yep, for a second week in a row, we did Briskbreeze tower. I played as Gilroy again with my DISboards friends. There was Jessica Blue (Ice), Kimberly Frostweaver (Ice) and Fallon Dreamweaver (Life).

During the second floor fight, my computer froze. I had to reboot and load the game again. First time this happens to me. Unfortunately, the game brought me back outside of the tower. My friends were kind enough to start over. A good thing we were not further up. Thanks guys for coming back for me! :-)

This time was a little easier since we knew Orrik Nightglider's tricks. Having two Ice wizards on board meant that he was hammered with Colossus, Frostbite and Frost Giant:

And in the end, we were again victorious.  Probably a fizzle away from defeat, but still victorious!! 

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