Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Mannequin

Woot!! I finally managed to craft a mannequin. Gilroy's Mooshu Mansion now has a guard at the door.

I was surprised of how low the selling value was in the bazaar. Just the recipe costs 5000 golds and I could have sold it only for 1200 golds. I am planning to make more mannequin, but they will take more than two days. I know have depleted my supply of all the reagents needed...

Kudos to KI for the success to the charity event. I am quite pleased that KI was serious about the charity. They could have just have given a percentage from the sale of a lame item. Not KI, they gave the proceeds of one of the coolest item in the game, the Meowmodon. Congratulations KI!!


  1. You can put clothes on them? O.O
    Must get go get reagents...

  2. Yes, you can equip it with any clothes in your backpack. (Hat, Robe and Shoes). I wish it could also have a wand and a pet.

    In the "object placement mode", if you click on the mannequin, you get an "equip" button along with the "Move" and "Pick-up" ones.