Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vasek Ashweaver met my Wraith

I decided to go take a look at Vasek Ashweaver as suggested by The Friendly Necromancer. According to Friendly, this guy is the one to farm for necromancers. As usual, every one's favorite necromancer is right. As the next picture shows, my Wraith hammered the poor Vashek with a 10,568 damage hit.

Here is my recipe:

  1. Feint (70%)
  2. Life trap (25%)
  3. Death Prism
  4. Death trap from gear (35%)
  5. Death trap (30%)
  6. Curse (20%)
  7. Dragonblade (30%) (Pioneer Dragon)
  8. Spirit blade (35%)
  9. Death blade (40%)
  10. Wraith from gear (575 damage) (Malistair's robe)

And adding to all this, 30% more damage from my gear and the boost for attacking with a Life spell. I was lucky, he fizzled his debuff on me, so I had a clean shot. I don't have the Spirit trap, I could have added 30% more to this.

Woot for my personal record!!

I could easily defeat Vasek in around 5 minutes. And at the end, being a necromancer, I would be at full health. No need to look around for wisps, I just got back inside right away to face him again. Just this evening, I was able to get almost 10,000 golds.

Thank you Friendly, I this is really the place to farm for gold!!

Here's Friendly's blog:

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