Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gizmo is half way to Epic

Gizmo is well on his way to Epic status.  Last night he passed the half way mark and this morning, he's at 588 experience points:

I hope I can reach the thousand point at the end of next weekend.  This seems possible since today is a national holiday in my province and I took Friday off so I can have a four day weekend (Woohoo!).

Yesterday, we got a little tremor at the office.  The earth shook for a few seconds.  It was funny, almost everybody got out in the corridor and were asking "Is this an earthquake?".  Not me though, I stayed at my desk and tried to "enjoy" it LOL.  We so rarely get earthquakes here. That little baby quake made a lot of commotion.  But I got to feel lucky that I can laugh at our earthquakes.  It's not so funny in some places. My heart goes to the people in Haiti still living in tents.

See you ITS!


  1. That's cool I'm around 400 for Vaden/Hydra (Ancient)seems funny a small earthquake happening by where you live when you rarely get any lol.

  2. Congrats! They said earthquakes won't happen here ever yet we had one.../shrug