Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First Rug Bridge

Wow, what is happening to me? Another blog post!?!?   LOL

Thanks to Jessica Fairyheart's guide, I successfully made my first rug bridge.  Jessica made an excellent  video explaining in details how to do it.

OK, I agree, this is not much of a bridge... lol.  But hey, I made it myself!  When I have time to shop, I'll make it bigger.  And I got to find me some crates to make it go up.  BTW, where do I get crates?  I have only one.

Thanks Jessica!

See you ITS!



  1. The bazaar, of course! Any kind of crates but the crate of chickens will work, but the dark wood crates are the best.

  2. lol

    You really need to check that out!

  3. Thanks Kestrel, I don't know why, the first time I went to the Bazaar, there seemed to be no crates. I went back later and I got a few.