Saturday, June 5, 2010

Within an inch from Ancient

Wow, another post... I am on a roll!!  LOL

This morning, I got up early to take advantage of a less crowded game.  I was able to solo a few times Keruvian Scargiver.  Unfortunatly he kept his pet for himself.  But I did manage to teach him a lesson of two.

I aslo continued Gizmo's training.  He's now three point away from Ancient.  But now, I am not sure when I will get him to Ancient.  I tried a few pet races with theses stats and he's unbelievably faster than most other adult pets.  I am afraid that when he graduates, he'll be a weak Ancient instead of a strong Adult.

Oh yeah, now that his Intellect is full, I started feeding him Cherry Pies and he loves it!!

See you ITS!!


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  1. That's great you make very FAST progress lol...