Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gizmo is now Epic

Gizmo finally made it to Epic!  I have trained him without ever using crowns to speed up the process.  With a perfect game and the best snacks, he would get 11 experience points. The Sizzle Smack Cereal were a real hit.  Got the recipe from the vendor in Ravenscar.

And the best of all, he now has the ability to cast a fireblade!  I can't wait to see Gizmo in action during a fight!  Now, I just need to learn a few fire spells. LOL  I know, I should have stick to Fire as a second school...

Here's now his full pedigree:

This afternoon, I played my youngest wizard, Valkoor Darkflame (Ice), level 10.  I realized that I am not used to look after my mana.  I went to face the Harvest Lord and I wondered why I could not cast spells higher that level 1. Silly me, I was about to file a bug report when I realized I was out of mana ROFL.

See you ITS!


  1. Nice your work paid off. Yea newbie days I forgot all about mana! lol

  2. were is ravenscar located

  3. Hello Anonymous, Ravenscar is the last area in Grizzleheim.

  4. Nice work. I never knew that pets could cast spells on you